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Bibliography of the Royal Navy in World War II

June 30, 2015

The Derek Law Bibliography (his biography here) now stands at over 4,000 items and is updated as needed. Items covered include “published books and monographs, generally greater in length than 32 pages; published conference proceedings; Official Despatches and Battle Reports; Reports of Government Commissions; Command Papers; Official Histories.” One can search via text or browse by category. Complete bibliographical information accompanies every reference. A valuable tool.


Autobiography of Alfred T Mahan

March 9, 2015

One of the most influential writers on seapower, Alfred T Mahan, wrote voluminously (here is a bibliography of his work; access to many of his writings online are available as well), expressing his opinions and research over a vast panoply of naval topics. However, finding more intimate knowledge of the man himself is a bit more elusive. That can be solved by having recourse to his From sail to steam; recollections of naval life that was published in 1907. It is an anecdotal telling of his life from his first sea service until his presidency of the Naval War College.

Nautical Bibliographies

October 25, 2011

Here are several that are of interest: the Rasor Bibliography contains over 26,000 items on British naval history ranging from 55BCE to the present day. It will be updated as warranted. It covers books, book chapters, articles, conference papers as well as theses and dissertations; the Society for Nautical Research publishes an annual bibliography that includes “…naval history, mercantile history, nautical archaeology (but not the more technical works),biography,voyages and travel, and art and weapons and artefacts.” The bibliographies from 2005 onward can be perused online; and another worthwhile source is Naval & Maritime History: An Annotated Bibliography, 3d ed., revised and expanded.