What Do the South China Sea and the Hunt for the Bismarck Have in Common?

They are both separate subjects of extended, well- researched articles in the latest issue of Naval War College Review (72, #1 Winter 2019).

The first article – China’s Global Naval Strategy and Expanding Force Structure – highlights China’s continuing development of its navy and its projection of this force into the Pacific arena. A previous post points to a valuable document outlining the problems that currently face this county as China continues to build both military and economic strengths (think Belt and Road). Figures, exhibits, and copious notes lend credibility and veracity to this article.

The second article – Operation Rhine Exercise, May 18-27, 1941 – concentrates on one of the largest fleet to fleet operations in the ETO. Using printed and archival sources, the author deftly weaves an analysis of this operation, showing that the risk of detailing so many ships to pursue the Bismarck was ultimately worth the gamble. I have included here the War Diary of the Commander U-Boats concerning the sinking of this fast battleship.


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