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Documentary Naval History of the Spanish-American War

April 20, 2016

Hundreds of transcribed documents including command diaries, squadron bulletins, messages to and from Theodore Roosevelt, then Secretary of the Navy, and naval reports are presented in this feature from Naval History and Heritage Command. This site is broken down into small sections, each introduced by an informed discussion of the contents. The site also includes an explanation of editorial methods, a  bibliography of primary and secondary sources (though not linked, most of the primary sources are available online), as well as lists of both American (with DANFS histories) and Spanish ships with their captains.


The Civil War on the Water

April 18, 2016

Three separate special publications from The Daybook (Hampton Roads Naval Museum) are devoted entirely to Civil War operations on the water: Sea Stories (a compendium of excerpts from letters, diaries, memoirs, and log books); The Tech War (the development of various cannon and torpedoes, ship design and construction, and new specialties – all articles accompanied by contemporary line drawings, plans, and illustrations); and The Civil War at Sea (blockades, riverine conflicts, and privateering – all supplemented by contemporary graphics and excerpted primary sources).