British Merchant Marine Crew Lists for 1915

Crew Lists of the British Merchant Marine – 1915 is a crowd-sourced project under the direction of the National Maritime Museum (btw, a great place to visit). 39,000 crew lists with over 750,000 names were transcribed by volunteers from around the world. As the front page states: “Each agreement lists all the crew, their rank or rating, their address, rate of pay and dates of joining and leaving the ship. These range from small fishing boats and sailing barges, often crewed by father and son, to the largest passenger liners with whole departments of deck officers, seamen, engineering and victualling staff amounting to as many as 400 individuals. And it wasn’t just men! Women feature in the crew lists too, as stewards, nurses, matrons and many other capacities.” Access to the original documentation is another valued addition.


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