The Writings of Julian Corbett, British Naval Strategist

The United States had Alfred Mahan who was universally known at the time; Great Britain had Julian Corbett, an equal to Mahan but sadly not as well known on this side of the Atlantic. Both are/were considered formidable thinkers, but their writings, separated by years and philosophies, offered at times contrary views of the role of the navy in world affairs and in conflicts.Their differing viewpoints on the use of the navy are discussed in: Naval Classical Thinkers and Operational Art; Classical Theories of Sea Power and World Economic Systems; and Command of the Sea: An Old Concept Resurfaces in a New Form.

Among Corbett’s works, his major work on strategy is Some principles of maritime strategy (new ed., 1918); other works informed by his strategic concepts are: Drake and the Tudor Navy (2 vols. 1898); Successors of Drake (1900); England in the seven years’ war: A study in combined strategy (2 vols., 1907); and England in the Mediterranean (2 vols., 2d ed,1917). Many of his other writings, more historical in outlook and reflecting his extensive research and editing skills, are here.

An examination of him and his work is Corbett: A Man Before His Time; biographical information is here;  The Sir Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval History is named after him.


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