Royal Australian Navy

In existence since 1911, the Royal Australian Navy has evolved over time from a purely defensive organization to a sophisticated fleet with regional responsibilities. (An informative timeline with links is online). Its website hosts a plethora of information of both primary and secondary natures. You can find about the composition of the current fleet and its senior commanders as well as ship histories of both past and present vessels including the HMAS Australia, the Navy’s first flagship. In addition, you can peruse: Admiralty Fleet Orders from 1910-1945 (of interest because they so closely mirror their British counterparts) and Commonwealth Fleet Orders from 1946-1975; Daily Operational Narratives, 1939-1954; Lord Jellicoe, Admiral of the Fleet was invited to assess the Australian navy, here is his four-volume 1919 report; World War I Naval Staff Monographs; and World War II Naval Staff Histories. These titles do not begin to exhaust the amount of information available; this publications link serves as a valuable guide. The book Flagships three (1916) deals with the early years of the navy in a rather florid style.


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