Reports on Ships in the Port of London, 1st – 17th Centuries

The Port of London contains dozens of wrecks of ships dated for the above time period. If you want to know how ships were constructed, what materials were used, how the wood was shaped, what the caulking was comprised of, two volumes from the English Heritage Archaeological Monograph series will be of great value: Ships of the Port of London: First to eleventh centuries AD. (1994) and Ships of the Port of London: Twelfth to seventeenth centuries AD (1996). While each volume is replete with technical detail, enough accessible information is given for an interested layperson to tease out relevant data. The volumes are each over 200 pages long, come with dozens of illustrations, glossaries, bibliographies, and appendices of interest. (N.B., the files are large so downloading may take a little time.)


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