Eyewitness Accounts of British Naval Victories, 1794-1805

The two-volume Logs of Great Sea Fight, 1794-1805, presents masters’ logs and other journals from the following battles: Lord Howe’s Actions (or the Glorious First of June), St Vincent, Camperdown, Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar. The opening pages of the first volume explain the use of logs rather than journals, but there were instances where the log was lost or not written (due to the master’s death in action). In these cases journals from captains, lieutenants, or other officers are utilized. All documents were transcribed and the spelling was formalized because as was stated by the editor “…the spellings of the logs, which in the originals is admirable in its independence….”(xii) An introduction before each battle is given. A worthwhile read.


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