Chronologies of British Naval Actions, 1793-1815

Steel’s Naval Chronologist of the late war from its commencement in February 1793 to its conclusion in 1801 (published in 1802) provides a surprisingly detailed amount of information within its 122 pages: a chronology, listings of ships and privateers taken or destroyed by the British, an enumeration of British commanding officers killed, the colonial possessions seized by the British, and treaties signed. A later and more expanded version of Steel’s work is The naval gazetteer, biographer and chronologist; containing a history of the late wars from … 1793 to … 1801; and from … 1803 to 1815, and continued, as to the biographical part to the present time (this edition published 1842). At almost 600 pages, it follows the outline of Steel, but as it includes the entire Napoleonic era, it is much larger.


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