Naval War College Online Publications

The Naval War College is one of the premier research institutions of the U.S. Navy; among its first faculty was Alfred Thayer Mahan; (his autobiography). The College publishes many materials of interest and more than a few are online. Its main journal, the Naval War College Review, is entirely online. You can search by author, by issue/year, or subject from 1948 to the present; you will be rewarded by articles running the gamut from climate change to the Royal Navy. It also publishes the proceedings of the International Sea Power Symposium, a biennial meeting of the world’s chiefs of navies and coast guards to address issues of common concern. (A word of caution – these are slow to download, so be patient.) In addition, the Newport Papers, a monographic series whose topics range from Trafalgar to U.S. naval strategy, are also available. Other accessible works include China Maritime Studies, War Gaming Reports, and International Law Studies (Blue Book) Series.


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