Pearl Harbor

As we approach the 70th anniversary of this raid, a few links of value. A simple naval dispatch said it all : AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR X THIS IS NOT DRILL The next day, December 8, President Franklin Roosevelt (his Public Papers can be consulted, and special diplomatic files are available at his presidential library) addressed a Joint Session of Congress, delivering his famous “day of infamy” speech; within an hour, the United States was at war. More information is available at: Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1941: Overview and Special Image Section, including numerous action reports(U.S. Navy); Ships Present at Pearl Harbor (U.S. Navy); Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships;  Remembering Pearl Harbor  (National Geographic); After the Infamy: Man on the Street Interviews (Library of Congress); Pearl Harbor (New York Times); Pearl Harbor (Time Magazine); Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941: The Japanese View (Eyewitness to History); USS Arizona Memorial (National Park Service); Books on Pearl Harbor, including the multi-volume Congressional Hearings (HathiTrust); of particular interest is the two-volume Interrogations of Japanese Officials by the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey. Naval Analysis Division; Pearl Harbor: A Rude Awakening (BBC); and Videos on Pearl Harbor (Internet Archive).


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