Primary Sources: Lloyd’s List

This long-published tile, dating back to 1696, reports on mercantile shipping news, losses (from natural and manmade causes, such as war), stock market prices, the coming and goings of ships at various English ports, along with wind directions for various locales in the country. A brief history of the paper is here. HathiTrust has a run of Lloyd’s and its variant titles as reproduced by the Gregg Press in 1969; it goes from 1741 to 1826 with certain years missing. A great deal of information is found within these volumes; i.e., the 11-29-1805 issue contains the final disposition of the Combined Fleet defeated at Trafalgar. Because this is a reproduction, some of the issues are not as readable as others, but since HathiTrust allows magnification, almost all details of every issue can be perused. Indexing for the “Marine News Section” that always appears on the first page and highlights news and losses is available here courtesy of the Guildhall Library; it covers 1740-1837. You can search via personal name, ship name, location, notes, or date. For a snapshot of merchant shipping during the Age of Sail, this source needs to be consulted.


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